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Guidance for Your Path Ahead

At Monsignor Scanlan High School, our dedicated full-time Guidance Department is you and your child’s compass for navigating the journey ahead. We understand that high school is more than just classrooms; it's the gateway to your child’s future. With group guidance classes, personalized sessions with assigned counselors, and a Career Day, we're here to help you shape your path.

Guidance Services: A Partnership for Success

Our counselors work closely with both parents , students, and school staff to foster your child’s growth into responsible, mature individuals. We value open communication and may occasionally recommend outside resources to provide extra support. Your child’s success matters to us, and we're available for conferences during the school day, provided you schedule in advance.

Charting Your Future: Career and College Counseling

With advanced tools like NAVIANCE and the COLLEGE BOARD WEBSITE, we offer up-to-date career and college planning resources. Dive into extensive information on military service, colleges, graduate schools, and financial aid. Remember these key steps:

  1. Your academic journey from 9th to 12th grade shapes your future. Colleges and employers focus on your cumulative average.
  2. PSAT and SAT/ACT exams are vital. Engage with college representatives who visit the school.
  3. Consider SAT preparation courses for enhanced performance.
  4. Senior year calls for SAT/ACT registration and Achievement Tests if needed.
  5. Apply for colleges through the guidance office, adhering to deadlines.
  6. Seniors receive Group Guidance to excel in the college process.
  7. Juniors experience Group Guidance to explore post-secondary options.
  8. Our school's information is essential for completing college applications.
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College Visits

Seniors can visit colleges with parental permission. Students must have a signed note by a parent/guardian that indicates the name of the college and the date and time for the appointment. It must be signed by the student’s guidance counselor and brought to the Attendance Office on the day preceding the interview.

Nurturing Your Financial Future

Financial aid often begins with completing the FAFSA. Submit it online between October 1st and February 15th of your child’s senior year.

PSAT, SAT, and ACT: Your Path to Excellence

  • 10th and 11th graders take the PSAT in October.
  • Juniors sit for the SAT in May and can retake it to improve scores.
  • Explore the ACT as an alternative exam with additional Science section options.

Your Guide to Success

For more information and practice materials, visit our friendly Guidance Office. At Monsignor Scanlan, we're not just a school, we're your partner in achieving a bright future.