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Banner Sponsorship

Banner Sponsorship

Elevate Your Business with Monsignor Scanlan High School Crusaders Baseball Banner Sponsorship! 

Align your brand with the spirit of success and community by becoming a proud sponsor of the Monsignor Scanlan High School Crusaders baseball program. Your banner sponsorship will directly contribute to the enhancement of our facilities while gaining maximum exposure on the Outfield fence along Brush Avenue.

Purposeful Partnership: Your support helps us revitalize our field, locker room, and club area, creating an environment where champions are nurtured. Join us in investing in the future of our athletes and the success of the Crusaders.

Player-Driven Commitment: Each player is committed to raising $500, crucial for covering uniforms, batting practice attire, and all necessities for a victorious season. Your sponsorship aids not only in infrastructure but also in empowering our athletes for success.

Goal: $10,000: With a goal of $10,000, we are thrilled to share that the baseball team has already raised over $4,500! Your banner sponsorship is a significant step towards achieving this milestone and impacting the lives of our athletes.

Prime Exposure: Banners will be prominently displayed on the Outfield fence on Brush Avenue, ensuring optimal visibility from March to March. Your brand will be seen by the local community, fans, and passersby, creating lasting impressions.

Flexible Sponsorship Packages for Businesses:

  • 1 Year Sponsorship: $500
  • 2 Year Sponsorship: $800
  • 3 Year Sponsorship: $1,200

Extended Visibility: Your sponsorship will not only grace the Outfield fence but will also be featured on our Main School Social Media Platforms and dedicated Baseball Social Media platforms, amplifying your brand's reach.

Act Now, Stand Out Tomorrow: Seize the opportunity to strengthen your brand presence and contribute to the success of the Crusaders. Choose your sponsorship package, secure your banner spot, and share the spirit of community with your friends and associates.

For questions or concerns, please contact Coach Mark Bonilla at [email protected]. 

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